When posting in the DomoAI Communities

Last Updated
Last updated April 27, 2023
We hope that everyone can remember before speaking that even if you are in the virtual Internet, members is a real person like you, not just an ID. So please keep speaking friendly and maintain the hard-won community atmosphere together.
We have listed some of the posting behaviors that we advocate, prohibit, and resist:

🙋🏻‍♀️ Here are some things I hope you can do:

  • Don't do to others what you don't want done to you. Please ask yourself with the same moral standards as in real life, and don't do things that are illegal or hurt others;
  • Follow the rules of each community.Read the community rules set by the community moderator before posting;
  • Post rationally.Good content wins by quality, not emotion;
  • Be open. We should treat opinions different from ours with moderation;
  • Post in the right community. Choose the most suitable community to post;
  • Please read the post in its entirety before voting (upvote/downvote). Instead of jumping to conclusions based on the title alone;
  • Report bad information you see.Help us build a better community environment;
  • Click "Upvote" for good content. Encouragement is the greatest motivator.

🙅‍♂️ These things I hope you don't do:

  • Any illegal act;
  • Deliberately provoked a war. Please do not maliciously provoke and incite confrontation in communities with different positions, and guide groups with different positions and ideas to attack each other.
  • Artificially boost votes and register trolls; spread advertising information, false information, spam information, and send the same information repeatedly;
  • Abuse report. Please describe the reason for the report accurately, and we will deal with the bad information as soon as possible, but please do not abuse the report function without reason.
  • A large number of malicious "downvote" on others. This is not your private battlefield;