Turn anime into real-life photos!

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Last updated July 21, 2023
Experience the Magician_Domo! Transform your favorite anime character into a real-life version effortlessly.

Here's how to use Magician_Domo:

  1. Choose the "Magician_Domo" in "DomoAI" Tab.
  1. Upload your anime character image.
  1. Click "Start"! It's that simple! 😎
By default, DomoAI generates great results with the recommended similarity setting. If you want the generated image to closely match the original style, you can adjust the similarity parameter accordingly. Feel free to explore and let DomoAI create magic for you!
In general, DomoAI generates great results with the recommended "similarity" setting. If you want the generated image to closely match the original one, you can adjust the "similarity" parameter accordingly. Feel free to explore and let DomoAI create magic for you!