Turn pictures into avatars!

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Last updated July 31, 2023
Get ready to have a unique and special avatar! Simply upload your photo, and Avatar_Domo will create a one-of-a-kind representation of you.

How to use Avatar_Domo:

  1. Go to the "DomoAI" section and select "Avatar_Domo".
  1. Upload your photo and choose the AI model that matches your desired style.
  1. Click "Start" and wait for your perfect avatar to be created! 😎
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Want more accurate results?

AI automatically recognizes and creates artwork based on the image you upload. In most cases, you don't need to provide specific prompts.
However, if you want more precise results, you can add descriptive prompts to help AI understand the image.
Remember, keeping it simple and concise works best! Avoid long descriptions or specific instructions. ✅ For example, "A girl with red hair, white clothes, holding a sunflower, smiling, wearing a straw hat." 🚫 Avoid long descriptions or specific instructions like: "Please draw a picture of a girl and change her hair color to red. Thank you."
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What is the difference between "Avatar_Domo" and "Artist_Domo"?

「Avatar_Domo」is specifically optimized for creating avatar portraits.
「Artist_Domo」provides a broader range of artistic functionalities, allowing for more complex parameter configurations and personalized results.