Turn words into artworks!

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Last updated July 31, 2023
Unleash your creativity with DomoAI and let your ideas come to life! No artistic skills? No proble! Simply share your vision with DomoAI, and in just a minute, it will create a stunning piece for you. Want to train your AI to match your imagination?

Here's how to use Artist_Domo:

  1. Choose "Artist_Domo" in the "DomoAI" Tab.
  1. Use short and simple phrases to describe what you want to see in your artwork. Just separate each prompt with a comma(",").
Remember, keeping it simple and concise works best! Avoid long descriptions or specific instructions.
Remember, keeping it simple and concise works best! Avoid long descriptions or specific instructions. ✅ For example, "A girl with red hair, white clothes, holding a sunflower, smiling, wearing a straw hat." 🚫 Avoid long descriptions or specific instructions like: "Please draw a picture of a girl and change her hair color to red. Thank you."
notion image
notion image

Choosing an AI Model:

  1. Pick an AI model based on the style you want to create. Different models combined with different prompts can produce amazing results!
  1. If you want to draw in different dimensions, you can also adjust the settings.
  1. Usually, you don't need to make any more configurations. The recommended parameters are usually the best fit for the selected model 😉.
  1. Once you've chosen the model, simply click the "Start" button.
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Generating Artwork:

  1. Once you've clicked the "Start" button, you will receive a notification from DomoAI, indicating that your artwork request has been received! In general ,the drawing process will begin within 1-2 minutes.
  1. If you don't receive a notification after posting, don't worry. It's possible that your text prompts are still being reviewed. Once they are approved, you will receive the notification shortly.
  1. Drawing completed! Find your creations in the "AI posts" section under the "Me" tab.