Who is "DOMO"?

Who is "DOMO"?

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Last updated April 27, 2023
The little white animal you can see everywhere in the community is the mascot of the DomoAI - Domo.
Domo Picture
Domo Picture
Hmm~ It's not hard to tell that Domo is a cute little seal. It is the incarnation of every member of the DomoAI. Domo is everyone, and sometimes, also our community leader: U/Captain_Domo

How to use Domo's image

I'm glad you like Domo, and we welcome you to use Domo's image into your creations in the DomoAI community. At the same time, in order to prevent Domo's trademark image from being abused, please remember the following rules when using Domo:
  • Domo is lively, brave, and versatile, please do not combine illegal, defamatory, insulting content with Domo;
  • Domo likes to transform into various images, and is very happy to play these roles, unless the role requires, please don't let him hold weapons;
  • Domo is a soft and cute little seal who will not use violence, please do not portray Domo as the Perpetrator or Victim;
  • Domo has no gender, it is neither male nor female, please do not associate Domo with sexual implication;
  • The Domo community owns the registered copyright of Domo, and Domo is authorized to be used in any non-commercial scenarios, but if you want to use it for commercial purposes, please contact DomoAI: support@domoai.app;
  • Finally, eyebrows and beards are the essence of Domo, please make sure Domo is recognizable, there are only 2 beards on each side of Domo!
  • Domo is a seal, but he can't swim!

Download Domo

In order to make it easier for you to use Domo's image for creation, we provide material packs! You can download and recreate:
Or long press to save the PNG image below:
(Saving in the phone album may show a black color because it is a PNG format file)
notion image
notion image
For more information, please click "About DomoAI".