What is "MO" points?

What is "MO" points?

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Last updated April 27, 2023
"MO" points -- It is a kind of contribution points of the DomoAI community. How much "MO" Points each person has will be displayed in their profile, which reflects your contribution to the DomoAI community.
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How will your "MO" points increase?

When your post or comment is "upvoted" by other users, your "MO" points will increase;
If you publish unpopular posts or comments that violate the rules of various communities, and you are "downvoted" by others, your "MO" points will also decrease.
Therefore, posting interesting and valuable posts or comments is the fastest way to gain "MO" points!
In addition, it doesn't mean that you will get the same "MO" points as many "upvotes" you get, we will convert it through some mysterious algorithm.

What is the "MO" points for?

The "MO" points reflects your contribution. The higher the "MO" points, the higher your contribution to the community. Correspondingly, you can unlock more Domo Avatar gears.
There will be more functions linked to "MO" points in the future.

How can a fresh quickly accumulate "MO" points?

You can share interesting or valuable posts in the community. When your posts receive "votes" from other people, your "MO" points will increase gradually.
If you prefer to be a silent master, you can also post interesting and valuable comments on the post. When your comments receive "votes" from other people, your "MO" points will also increase.

Does unlocking Domo Avatar gears cause the "MO" points to decrease?

Unlocking avatar gears will not cause your "MO" points to decrease.
When your "MO" points reaches the requirement for the costume, the costume will be automatically unlocked.
When your "MO" points drops below the requirement due to "downvote", the costume will be re-locked.
Finally, please do not artificially boost "MO" points, just be a friendly speaker, I believe your luck will come little by little! 😘