What is the "Mod queue”

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Last updated April 27, 2023
[Mod queue] is a place for moderators to manage their own community content.
Only when you are a moderator of a subdomo, you have [Mod queue].

Do I have to select every post to be seen by others?

Nope, the “Approved” status is for the convenience of restoring posts that were removed by mistake.
Both unselected and approved posts will be visible in the community unless you choose to remove .

Is it possible to restore a post that has been removed?

Yes. Posts with Remove selected will be hidden in the community, and can be restored by selecting Approve again.
Conversely, a post that has Approved can be changed to Removed .

Will members be notified when a reason for removal is selected?

Yes. The reason for the removal will be notified to the member
If you don't want to notify the member, you could also choose: No reason, No notification.

How can I restore previously removed content?

Select "Filter" in the upper right corner - select "Removed" - find the previously removed content - select "Approve”