Who is the Moderator?

Who is the Moderator?

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Last updated April 27, 2023
Moderator is a manager of a community, usually the creator of the community. It is one of the most important roles in DomoAI.
The Moderator is the manager of each vertical community, and also determines the style of each community.

What permissions do moderators have?

Determine the post type of  subdomo.

You can set your own community as a picture community that "only allows posting pictures and texts", a text community that "only allows posting text", or a community only for sharing links.
How to set the posting type of a subdomo?

Set usernames for Members/Moderator

If you are a "subdomo dedicated to posting cat photos", you can change the member's username to "Poop Shovel Officer".

Remove members' posts, comments

If there are posts or comments in the community that do not comply to the rules or tendencies of the community, the moderator has the right to remove them.
What is the "Mod queue”

Set posting authority

Moderators can set up their communities as "Everyone", "Members only," or "Moderator only.”
How do I set who can post in a subdomo?

Decorate your subdomo

Set the community avatar or background image.
How to change my community avatar and background image?

Make rules for subdomo

Explain to everyone which behaviors are acceptable and which are forbiddened in this community, and jointly create a harmonious and happy community atmosphere.
In addition, the community rules can also be combined with the reporting mechanism, allowing community members to work together to monitor and create a healthier community environment!

Add a sub-moderator for a subdomo

Invite other members to join your community moderator team!
We are also continuing to develop more capabilities, so stay tuned!